The time travel climate science game

Future Data Laboratory

To bring back climate data from the future.

Paris. 2015. World leaders gather at the international climate change negotiations to discuss a new accord.
A deal is reached, however many leaders fail to grasp the scale of the problem and the huge impact climate change presents to their countries, their people and the world.

Worried that the Paris Accord doesn’t go far enough and horrified at the realities that climate change is already having, a group of international scientists, engineers and inventors team up.
At a remote arctic station they establish the Future Data Laboratory.
Working on the theory that if the world’s leaders had proof of the catastrophic impact climate change will have in the future, they will act more decisively now to prevent disaster.

The team work day and night to crack the matter time shift problem, creating a time machine capable of sending a human into the future and importantly returning them.
The mission for one of these scientists is to journey into the future, collect the required data and return to present the evidence to the world.


A single player game with 6 levels.

You navigate the arctic terrains, find the weather stations and collect future data on the most potent greenhouse gasses.

Good luck, stay warm and keep your arctic rover charged !